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Water Hero helps prevent damage from plumbing catastrophes

For the home owner, a pipe burst or leak can be a nightmare involving temporary housing, contractors, demolition, structural reinforcement, mandatory building code upgrades, and the loss of irreplaceable possessions, photos, and heirlooms. And the problem can reoccur again and again. Corrosion or worn-out joints that cause a leak in one wall may lead to plumbing failures elsewhere. Lightning can strike twice.

New homes are not immune to problems either. A drywall screw that rests adjacent to a copper pipe can lead to galvanic corrosion and a pinhole leak 2-5 years later. The Water Hero system is can protect new home builders from future liability down the road, as well attracting home buyers with its state-of-the-art features.

Property insurance may cover much of the financial loss for the homeowner, but what of the situation for their insurers? The American Insurance Association estimates that water claims represent 23% of all property losses reported by homeowners, with annual US losses in excess of $9 billion. Globally, losses paid by insurers are estimated at over $25 billion each year.

Home plumbing is often a hodge-podge of weak joints, bad workmanship, cracked hoses, corroded pipes. Homes’ systems typically involves a mixture of work and materials in which additions and subtractions have been made over decades. There’s no end to the number of things that can go wrong:

Frozen Pipes

Water expands when freezing, inadequate heat or an open door or window can lead to pipes freezing and bursting in garages, basements, or crawl spaces. Water Hero’s temperature sensor and leak protection guard against frozen pipes.

Failed Automatic Fill Systems


  • Toilets: a leaky toilet flapper is a frequent cause of non-catastrophic but expensive water leaks. Toilet flappers (a $12 replacement part) erode and become less flexible over time, allowing water to leak into the bowl and down the drain and the toilet’s refill cycle to run throughout the day. This can cost homeowners hundreds of dollars per year. Water Hero’s full-time monitoring systems helps detect the telltale flow pattern from leaky toilets and catch problems that might otherwise have been missed.
  • Irrigation
    Leaks in outdoor irrigation systems can be large, difficult to detect, and extremely expensive. They’re rarely overlooked when the water bill arrives. But since the bill comes infrequently, they can add up to thousands of dollars. One of our backers received a $4400 quarterly bill instead of the usual $300 charge. Water Hero can monitor irrigation lines to catch problems from pipe or valve failure early.
  • Ice Makers, Hydronic Heating, Fish Tanks, Swimming Pools
    Here, too, leaks or failures of the automatic filling mechanisms can cause floods or high water bills, and without the protection of a system such as Water Hero, problems can go undetected for long periods of time.
  • Water Heaters
    Water heaters fail on a regular basis, and should this happen while you’re away is away on vacation, the results can be devastating. When corrosion, faulty installation, or inadequate maintenance cause a water heater not only to spill its contents, but also for its refill pipe to run continuously, even for hours or days. Failure of a water heater on an upper floor can destroy a house completely.

Plumbing and Supply Line Failure


  • Cracked Appliance Hoses
    The connector hoses to washing machines and dishwashers represent the weakest link in these appliances. A burst hose can spill hundreds or even thousands of gallons onto floors and walls, with damage extending to structural components, ceilings, and living spaces below.
  • Failed Pipe Connections
    Your home has hundreds of joints and connections in inside walls, outside walls, under floors, in ceilings, and in basements or crawl spaces. Each of them is a possible source of failure and a catastrophic leak.
  • Human error
    People aren’t perfect. We can forget to turn off the water to bathroom tubs, hose spigots, or irrigation lines, wasting water (and money) and causing severe damage. And every time we pick up a drill or a hammer and nails, there’s a risk that we’ll hit a pipe in the wall and cause a leak. Water Hero helps protect us from the unexpected.