Protecting Commercial Buildings, Condos & New Construction with Advanced Leak Protection

Commercial Buildings

Each commercial building consumes water differently and is plumbed in a specific fashion. Water Hero is totally user configurable, enabling you to adjust settings to whatever you see fit for your facility. Water Hero is installed in restaurants, warehouses, schools, doctor’s offices, strip malls, churches and more

Condominium & Homeowners Associations

Condominium buildings and homeowners associations, especially, are at risk for water leak damage due to stacked apartments and common water bills. One burst pipe can take out five or more apartments while leaky toilets tend to go on for months on end. Water Hero lowers bills and protects hundreds of units across the United States

New Construction

Many developers have first hand experience about the damage that water leaks can cause during and after construction. One screw out of place can cause a massive leak. Water Hero is easily installed during new construction to protect the building from costly & damaging leaks throughout its existence.