Water Hero for New Construction and High Rise Projects

Water leaks are a big problem in new construction projects, especially in highrise buildings. US Property & Casualty loses from damaging water leaks total over $10B yearly, and are over 30% of P&C insurance claims (in Canada, this number is 45%). The average cost of a closed-loop hydronic heating leak is over $500,000.

The Solution is Water Hero

Leak Detection That Protects From Water Damage & High Water Bills

  • Non-invasive & Invasive models
  • Whole Building, Flow based
  • User Configurable
  • Robust “Utility Grade” Hardware
  • Full Size range of ¾” to 8” Units

Complete Pre & Post Construction Water Risk Mitigation Program

  • P-310 Monitors and Protects Domestic Main Water lines up to 8″  
  • Non-Invasive Ultrasonic Monitoring for Fire Suppression Systems
  • Closed-loop Hydronic System Protection
  • Individual Condo/Office Protection
  • Storm Drain Protection