Water Hero Frequently Asked Questions

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For commonly asked questions, see below…

What am I going to have to do to install Water Hero?

Here are two videos which show how to install and connect Water Hero to your WiFi network. 

How is Water Hero Plumbed into My Home?

Hooking up Water Hero to the internet is simple.  When you plug in Water Hero, it will emit the Water Hero WiFi Network.  Just like you connect to your home WiFi, you connect to this network – it is called “Water Hero Access Point”.  Once connected to Water Hero Access Point, open your internet browser and follow the prompts in the manual.  Instantly, your Water Hero will connect to the internet show up on your account and you have access to your Water Hero password.

More information in the Installation & Operation Manuals below.

Should I be nervous about plumbing Water Hero into my home piping system?
You should certainly be careful about what you install into your home piping system, but Water Hero is safe – here’s why!  The Water Hero P-100 comes with our traditional water meter and a motorized ball valve.  These are what is cut into the pipe and they are very typical components that plumbers and municipalities are familiar with.
The water meter we provide is an AWWA Standard, NSF-Certified, Lead Free Brass Water Meter with Unions.  This is very similar, if not the same meter that a water utility cuts into your pipe at the street or in your basement.

The motorized ball valve is also an NSF-Certified Lead Free Full Port Ball Valve.  The gearing and valve body are stainless steel to ensure long last operation.  The valve is rated for 70,000 turns and includes an easy-to-operate manual override.

Because the components that are cut into the line are standard, lead-free and safe!  Plumbers are familiar with the components so installation is easy.


How does the plumber install Water Hero into my home?

To plumb Water Hero into your home piping, your plumber will do the following: 

[1] Shut off the water to your home or business

[2] Drain the water from the pipes through a faucet

[3] Spin off a 16” portion of your water pipe

[4] Solder in the motorized ball valve and water meter

[5] Turn on your water and connect the electronics

A typical installation takes a plumber less than an hour as cutting pipe and soldering is a primary trade skill of any plumber

I am unable to get to your “Device Configuration Page” when I browse to

Ensure that your computer/laptop/table/phone is configured to use “Water Hero Access Point” as its WiFi connection

Stay tuned for updated support publications and videos – in the meantime, we are available at support@waterheroinc.com

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