Preventing Water Leaks with a Commercial Water Shut Off Valve


Water Hero is the internet-connected and user-configurable water monitoring system, leak detection system, and automatic water shut off responsible for protecting more than 2,000 buildings. Water leaks and burst pipes will temporarily close your business or commercial property as you deal with a potentially lengthy repair process. Water Hero gives business and commercial property owners peace of mind, as they can remotely monitor their location’s excessive water usage — and act fast when a problem arises — from the comfort of your home office.

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Water Hero offers alert layers in both the ‘home’ and ‘away’ modes — this empowers the user to remotely shut off their water or set an automatic water shut off once a user-specified threshold is reached. Business owners know their water usage the best and can configure their settings for ultimate control.

Water damage can happen at any time, but it is particularly prevalent during the freezing and sub-zero winters. Avoid costly repairs related to water damage or water leaks with Water Hero, the commercial automatic water shut off valve.


Churches and Houses of Worship

Water Damage ChurchIf your church or house of worship is affected by a burst pipe or water leak, your ability to maintain a consistent service schedule will be interrupted as you clean up the damage and deal with costly repairs. The funds used to repair your building and its contents could be better used to serve your congregation.

Water Hero gives the leaders the comfort of knowing that their house of worship is protected. This commercial automatic water shut off valve allows users to remotely monitor their water usage from leaky toilets, sinks, and drinking fountains, as well as stop emergent water leaks from causing devastating damage. Water Hero connects to a pipe and the mobile and web-based apps alert you with real-time water usage data that helps church, synagogue, meeting place, and mosque leaders to act quickly and lower their water bills and prevent water damage, mold, and losses.


Data Centers

Data Center FloodWhen a burst pipe or excessive leak affects your data center, you face the threat of a disruption in your business’ continuity. Your data center’s reputation could even be at risk when you are forced to remedy damaged servers and a potential loss of data, equipment, and facilities as you repair costly damage after a water leak.

Water Hero allows data center owners and managers the opportunity to remotely monitor for excessive water usage, leaks, and burst pipes, with the added safety net of an automatic water shut off. This level of monitoring is especially crucial during seismic activity. Safely and remotely monitor water usage via the mobile or web-based app to gain real-time data and insight to prevent damage and decrease water bills before it’s too late.

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Daycare Centers

Water Damage DaycareWhen a pipe bursts in your daycare facility, the parents of the children in your care are left scrambling for alternative childcare while you clean up the costly catastrophic damage. Water damage can lead to mold growth, which is detrimental to the health and wellness of the babies and children in your care, and there is the potential of having to repurchase cribs, mattresses, toys, and other essential items that make your daycare center home.

Water Hero offers peace of mind to daycare center owners; once installed, you have the ability to remotely monitor leaks and burst pipes, giving you the opportunity to either remotely or automatically shut off the water before too much damage is done. Additionally, Water Hero monitors for excessive water usage from running toilets and sinks; repairing those unknown leaks can save you money on your water bills.


Fitness Centers

Water Damage GymFitness centers need reliable water systems to keep the laundry, showers, toilets, and drinking fountains running. When leaks or burst pipes occur in a fitness center, valuable monthly membership customers may not be as understanding when they are unable to utilize these services. Even worse is when a burst pipe causes extensive water damage that forces the fitness center to close for an indeterminate amount of time during repairs.

Water Hero monitors for leaks and excessive water usage from leaking showers, sinks, toilets, and drinking fountains that cause unnecessarily high water costs. Burst pipes cause thousands of dollars of damage, made even worse when the expensive fitness equipment is factored into the equation. Fitness center owners and managers can monitor any water issues from their mobile device or laptop, and avoid catastrophic water damage with a commercial automatic water shut off valve.


Golf Courses and Country Clubs

Water Damage GolfYour clubhouse facility relies on numerous water appliances in the kitchen, restrooms, locker room showers, hose bibbs and drinking fountains. With Water Hero, you can assess your water usage in real-time, which helps determine if a slow leak is present somewhere within your facilities. Since water bills tend to come every few months, a leak may not be detected immediately — leading to a very costly and wasteful problem.

A burst pipe can cause significant damage, disruption and loss of business. And when your facilities are unoccupied, a burst pipe can run undetected for long stretches of time, compounding the damage. Water Hero has the capability to monitor pipes for bursts and alert you and automatically shut off your water before it becomes a massively expensive problem, and you’re forced to replace your furnishings, merchandise, and equipment.


Homeowners Associations (HOA)

The board of a homeowners association deals with a lot of headaches — but now there’s a way to monitor excessive water usage, water leaks, and burst pipes before catastrophic damage is done to an HOA neighborhood, condo building, its community centers, and shared spaces. Avoid hundreds of thousands of dollars in costly repairs that could lead to legal issues by monitoring for failed plumbing and remotely shutting off water before it causes excessive damage.

Water Hero is directly installed into a home’s pipes and utilizes Wi-Fi to give HOA board members the ability to monitor water in real-time. With remote shut off or automatic water shut off capabilities, HOAs can find leaky toilets, wasteful owners, hot water tank leaks, and more that cause unnecessarily high water bills.


Medical Facilities

Medical facilities are essential to the community, and the repercussions of closing due to a burst pipe or water leak will affect everyone. Especially since pipe bursts occur in the freezing winter months — which coincides with flu season — doctors and their patients literally cannot afford to be without medical service.

Doctors, dentists and their support staff can access their Water Hero unit by logging into their account using the browser on any device (desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone) to monitor any potential pipe issues or damage remotely in real-time. In addition to automatic shut off, you also receive alerts and warnings in real-time via SMS text messages and/or email. With the ability to automatically and remotely shut off the water line in times of crisis, doctors can save their clinic or office from costly water damage.


Nursing Homes

Water Damage Nursing HomeNursing homes care for the most vulnerable people in our communities. When a burst pipe or water leak is detected, it is devastating for the residents of the nursing home as they may be displaced or face health consequences from standing water issues, like mold growth. Disastrous leaks from failed plumbing destroys buildings, ruins the residents’ possessions, and interrupts senior-care services.

Nursing home managers can monitor the real-time water usage and remotely detect leaks, pipe bursts, and excessive water usage with Water Hero. Water Hero is installed directly into a pipe, plugged in, and connected to the nursing home’s Wi-Fi network. Users have the ability to automatically shut off the water when a specific threshold is reached, or they can choose to remotely shut off the water through a web interface using any device or a mobile app for smartphones. Alerts are received via text or e-mail, allowing nursing home managers to efficiently manage any water leak issues.


Office Buildings

Water Damage OfficeKeep your commercial tenants in business by remotely monitoring excessive water usage with Water Hero. When your office building must be shut down due to devastating damage caused by water leaks or burst pipes, your tenants will be forced to relocate and could face a dire loss of income while repairs are made.

Water Hero gives office building managers and owners the opportunity to ensure that their tenants’ businesses are protected, as well as bringing down high water bills. Not only does Water Hero protect from unforeseen burst pipes, but it also detects slow water leaks from bathrooms and kitchens that lead to excessively high water bills.

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One burst pipe can devastate your restaurant’s food supply, kitchen, and dining room. When your restaurant is forced to close for costly water damage repairs, your servers are out of work, your inventory is destroyed, and rebuilding can take weeks before you can open your doors for diners once again. Additionally, where there’s standing water, there’s mold. Mold development is an additional devastation for restaurants, and will result in swift penalties from the Health Department.

Connect Water Hero to a pipe and install the mobile and web-based apps that will alert you to any problems and shut off the water automatically before significant damage takes place. And our real-time water usage data helps you save money on your water bill. Running toilets or other leaks can be identified in minutes, not months later by a shockingly high quarterly water bill.



Your company depends on your warehouse to safely store millions of dollars worth of products. What happens when a pipe bursts? All of that product has the potential to be damaged, costing warehouse owners untold amount of money to not only repair the damage to the warehouse, but also replace the products.

Water Hero is an emerging, non-invasive leak detection system that prevents costly water damage. Internet-connected, Water Hero gives warehouse owners and managers the ability to monitor for excessive water usage before it becomes an expensive problem.
Particularly as the winter months — and sub-zero weather — approach, warehouse owners can gain valuable peace of mind that they can remotely shut off the water to prevent further damage to their building and products housed within it.

Water Hero was founded by Dan Sterling as he experienced a catastrophic water leak in his home. While away for the weekend, faulty plumbing in a third-floor bathroom destroyed everything below — down to the basement.

Water Hero is a system that makes use of a home or commercial building owner’s existing Wi-Fi network to collect water usage information in the Cloud. Simple triggers provided by the user allows Water Hero to start looking for unusual water flows that may indicate a leak. When it detects abnormal water usage, users receive a warning message via a text message and/or email. Unless the home or business owner instructs otherwise, Water Hero will automatically activate a motorized valve to shut off the water, protecting your home or business.

Our premise is that leak and pipe burst protection should be affordable by everyone, and that it should be easy to install and easy to own. We want to help protect you from all leaks, large and small, and allow you to understand and control your water usage better than ever before. Water Hero provides you with an economical system to let you conserve, protect, and save water—one of our most precious resources.