Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Water Leaks 


Why is Water Hero better than other commercial water leak detection equipment?

Water Hero is the best commercial water leak detection system because it offers a completely user configurable system that perfectly blends standard plumbing and new technology. 

Water Hero helps water leak and flood prevention by providing full building solutions for ¾” to 12” pipes with utility grade hardware. After a Water Hero installation, the building owner has complete control over its monitoring system to detect abnormalities in the building’s water flow. 

And leak detection is just as important during the construction phase as well.  More and more construction projects from single family homes to high rise buildings are using Water Hero’s commercial water leak detector to protect their sites while under construction.


Will Water Hero help me save on business owners insurance?

Many Water Hero customers are often eligible to receive reductions in business owners insurance premiums.

We can provide owners certificates, along with any other necessary paperwork, to let your insurance agency know that you’ve installed commercial water leak detection equipment. The amount of your discount or rebate is typically dependent on your individual insurance provider and policy.


Can Water Hero help reduce my company’s water costs?

Yes. Aside from saving on the potential costs of water damage restoration after a burst pipe, Water Hero can also reduce water costs significantly and end up paying for itself in as little as six weeks.

For commercial buildings, one leak or running toilet could end up costing thousands of dollars, especially in large buildings like high rises and condos and during construction. A commercial building water shut off valve like Water Hero helps to detect most types of water leaks, including the non-damaging ones that aren’t always immediately noticeable and can greatly reduce a company’s water cost.


What can cause commercial flooding?

Commercial flooding can be caused by both internal factors like burst pipes and toilet floods and external factors, such as inclement weather.

Depending on your location, extreme weather or rising river beds can cause a commercial building to flood. These external factors can be prevented by insuring a well sealed foundation, outward sloping landscaping, and a clean system of gutters.  

Internally, burst pipes, water leaks, and toilet flooding can cause commercial flooding.  For internal flood prevention, it is best to install a commercial water leak detector, such as Water Hero

How much does the average water leak cost in damages?

In a residential circumstance, water leaks cost homeowners an average of $8,000. However, these leaks can commonly result in over $100,000 in damages. 

For commercial properties, damages caused by water leaks become astronomical. The average cost of a closed-loop hydronic heating leak is over $500,000 for commercial properties.  These catastrophic water leak repairs account for over 30% of property and casualty insurance claims. 


What are the types of water leaks that occur?

There are three main types of water leaks: frozen pipes, failed automatic systems, plumbing and supply line failure.  

Frozen pipes as a result of inadequate heating or open air exposure are one of the leading basement flooding causes. Failed automatic systems occur when there is a leak or failure in a building’s toilets, irrigation, ice makers, hydronic heating, fish tanks, swimming pools, or water heaters.  

Plumbing and supply line failures are caused by cracked appliance hoses, failed pipe connections or human error (we’re not all perfect).  .


What are my options for preventing water leaks?

In order to not become one of the every 55 homes or commercial buildings damaged by water leaks every year, you can either set up many water leak detectors or one whole building commercial water leak detector to prevent water leaks from causing water damage.  

With multiple water leak detectors, you will need to install units behind toilets, under sinks, near refrigerators, around water heaters, and more. Water Hero offers whole-solution commercial water leak detection equipment that helps prevent catastrophic damage and high water bills, without having to install, monitor, and maintain multiple leak detection units for your business.


How do you know if your water is leaking in your business?

A water leak in a business can either be obvious, like in the case of water leaking from the ceiling, or may remain undetected until there is significant building or financial damage. 

You may recognize a water leak if you see or hear flooding or notice reduced water pressure while washing your hands in the sink. Other times, you may not know about a leak until it becomes a serious issue and you receive an enormous water bill months later. 

If you own a water leak detection system, you will be alerted immediately about any water leaks in your building.


How common are commercial water leaks?

Commercial water leaks make up over 30% of commercial property and casualty insurance claims in the United States. 

In very cold Northern climates, where pipes are even more prone to freezing, this figure is closer to 45%. Water leaks pose a substantial threat to commercial buildings, as these structures are often occupied by a large number of people and hold a significant amount of expensive equipment.  .


How can I stop a water leak in my building? 

If a leak is detected and you need a temporary fix, you can apply a pipe clamp, an epoxy compound, a rubber connector, a repair sleeve, or a pipe wrap to prevent further water damage.  

For permanent leak repair, it is best to contact a water leak specialist to replace the faulty pipe or plumbing part. Detecting a water leak early on will help prevent the damaged part from growing to a point where it can cause significant damage.


Are water leaks bad for the environment? 

Yes. Water is one of the world’s most precious resources, and residential and commercial water leaks cause a waste of an estimated $6 billion dollars or 1 trillion gallons of water every year 

Interested in protecting your business from costly water leaks and flooding? Contact Water Hero today at 877-662-4496 to learn more about our commercial leak detection services.