Internet Connected & User-Configurable Whole Home Leak Protection Systems

Leak Monitoring And Electronic Water Shut-Off Options

P-100 Electronic Water Shut Off Valve
K-100 Water Monitoring System


[Water Hero P-100]

Includes Water Hero electronics, a meter and a motorized ball valve. The P-100 is cut into the pipe by a plumbing professional right where the water mains enters the home/building.  The unit requires power and WiFi to operate and is easily installed by a local plumber in under an hour.


[Water Hero K-100]

Includes Water Hero electronics that are strapped onto an existing, indoor water meter. After securing the K-100 to an existing meter, the unit is simply plugged in, connected to WiFi and calibrated.  The K-100 model includes all back-end monitoring and text/e-mail alerts.  Installation typically takes 15 mins

Install Water Hero and It Instantly Starts Protecting Your Home!

electronic water shut off valve

Take Control Of Your Water, From Anywhere in the World

Home & Away Modes: Simply toggle between Home & Away Modes to adjust home water leak protection

Electronic Water Shut Off: Remotely (over your smart phone or web app) and automatically shut-off your water to protect your home from damage

Event Log: Easily view historical warnings and auto shut-offs that may have occurred due to leaks

Temperature Monitoring: Monitor your home temperature and set warnings if it goes out of your pre-determined range

Real Time Water Consumption: See your real time water consumption to easily investigate issues to prevent damage and lower bills 

24/7 Water Monitoring That Detects Leaks

Water Hero sends text & e-mail leak alerts based on user configurable parameters such as continuous flow and temperature.  This minimizes false positives by allowing you, the owner, to adjust settings as needed and offers you the most advanced water leak protection that fits your needs. Here is how it works.

Electronic Water Shut Off Valve How It Works

Monitor Water Usage by the Minute, Hour, Day or Month

Water Hero lets you break down and view your water consumption in any way you’d like by simply adjusting views on our mobile app.  With this information, you’re empowered to

– Understand and control your water use

– Detect and prevent high water bills due to leaks

– Maintain compliance with drought restrictions

– Report water usage to authorities

electronic water shut off valve

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We don’t want unhappy customers – that’s why we back Water Hero with a 100% satisfaction guaranteeWWE

Give Water Hero A Try,

If You Don’t Love it, Return It!

We’re confident that you’ll love your Water Hero because of the feedback we’ve received from hundreds of customers. 

If though, for any reason, you don’t love your Water Hero, send it back within 60 days of purchase and we’ll provide a full refund including all shipping costs.  Give it a try – there is no risk and we’re confident that you’ll love it.

Water Hero Protects, Even During A Power Outage

Your home is most vulnerable to water leaks when your electricity is shut down.  It happens all the time – an ice storm or hurricane shuts down the power, sometimes for days.  While the utility works feverishly to get power up, your WiFi is down, your power is off and your home is left vulnerable to a pipe burst or supply line leak.  

Here is how Water Hero’s electronic water shut off valve kicks in…


Power Outage Electronic Water Shut Off Valve

Water Hero Features at a Glance

User Configurable

All settings and thresholds are easily adjustable over the web enabling you to simply stay protected

Text & E-mail Leak Alerts

Alerts directly to your phone when you surpass thresholds that indicate a potential water leak

Smartphone Controlled

Controlled over the web and with a smartphone to easily view alerts and make adjustments to your system

 Easy Installation of Electronic Water Shut Off Valve

Easy Installation

Installation by plumber typically takes one hour or less; non-invasive units are easily installed generally in 15 mins or less

Access to Water Use Data

See real time and historical water data to easily diagnose leaks and save hundreds on your water bill

Battery Back-Up 

Use the battery and local processing to protect your home when it’s most vulnerable – during a power outage

Electronic Water Shut Off Valve

Remote & Auto Water Shut Off

Remote and automatic electronic water shut off valve protects your home from significant leak damage

Temperature Monitoring & Alerts

Protect from temperatures that could lead to a burst pipe with temperature text/e-mail alerts

Here’s How Water Hero Stacks Up




Water shut-off valves connected to one or more sensors placed throughout a home in critical locations (e.g., under appliances, near water heaters).  When water hits this sensor, the valve shuts off the water supply.

Water shut-off valves and flow monitoring systems cut into your main line that use an old school control panel to make adjustments to system settings

Internet-connected whole home water shut-off valves and monitoring system that uses state-of-the art technology to drive down cost and add functionality

Suitable for monitoring one appliance but moderate protection of an average sized home requires ~11-13 sensors. Sensors are also prone to false positives and system does not detect non-damaging leaks that drive up water bills.

Systems are effective but difficult to control due to lack of internet integration. They typically cost $1,500+ before installation and do not provide water usage information making it harder to detect non-damaging leaks (e.g. toilet flappers) 

Designed to increase user configurability, affordability and real-time/historical water consumption

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Automatic Water Shut Off Valve & Water Monitoring System

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