Dan Sterling, founder and CEO of Water Hero, talks about the commercial uses of Water Hero, introduces the inch-and-a-half and two inch size Water Heroes for commercial buildings, and discusses potential applications and types of businesses that would benefit from Water Hero’s water monitoring and automatic water shut off capabilities.

Hi, I’m Dan Sterling, founder and CEO of Water Hero. Today, we’re going to talk about commercial uses for Water Hero. We’re really excited to introduce inch-and-a-half and two inch size Water Heroes. So as a lot of you know we started with residential Water Heroes with three quarter inch and one inch units that are what we see in most homes in the US, but we’ve extended that product line and now we have inch and a half and two inch Water Heroes that are seeing a wide variety of really interesting commercial uses.

We’ve had one warehouse distribution company in the Midwest, they have 19 locations. They were having problems with burst pipes that not only would ruin their building and their property, but would also ruin the inventory on the floor. So they’ve put Water Hero units in all 19 of their warehouses and they’re getting great peace of mind now knowing that they’re protected from burst pipe damage.

We also have applications like golf courses. Facilities managers are using Water Hero, the inch and a half or two inch size for their clubhouses. They have a lot of water devices. It’s drinking fountains, toilets, sinks as well as showers. And the driving benefit is water savings in a lot of these cases. Sometimes they’ll get surprise water bills that are shockingly excessive. And with Water Hero they can help curb that because we provide real time water flow information as well as the peace of mind from burst pipe protection.

Other commercial uses, all over. Really anyone that’s using a lot of water. We see houses of worship, we see schools, dentist’s office, nursing homes, childcare centers have especially big problems with water damage from burst pipes or clogged pipes. So we have the wide, wide variety of Water Heroes and the inch and a half and two inch sizes now that are great for any commercial applications as well as for some real large homes have inch and a half or two inch pipes.