Dan Sterling, founder and CEO of Water Hero, talks about commercial-sized Water Hero water monitors and automatic water shut off valves, including two-inch and one-and-a-half-inch commercial sizes. He also talks about AWWA compliance, billing accuracy, automatic water shut off, and the backup battery in the controller board.

Hi, I’m Dan Sterling, founder and CEO of Water Hero, and today we’re going to talk in more detail about our commercial-size Water Hero units. A lot of you are very familiar with our Water Hero units for residential homes. This is our three quarter inch unit, which is one of the most common pipe sizes for residences in the US. But we’ve extended on this platform and now we’re really excited to be able to offer inch and a half and two inch Water Heros for commercial uses as well as…some very large homes will need these size Water Hero units.

So let me grab our two inch Water Hero. This is the … basically, it’s just a bigger size brass valve. These are very robust, durable AWWA spec, which are American Waterworks Association meters. So they’re very heavy, they’re very reliable. Your plumber loves working with this brass meter they’re familiar with. They also have AWWA billing accuracy. So a utility would provide this for a small business for billing purposes. So it uses the exact same sensor cap that the smaller Water Hero has. And then it’s combined with a very rugged two inch motorized ball valve. So this will provide all of the remote and automatic shutoff functionality you need for Water Hero.

And I’ll also show you, if you have an inch and a half pipe, this is the starting size for our light commercial size Water Hero units. All of these units plug into our main controller board. This has a backup lithium power battery that’s rechargeable. So if power’s out, you’re still protected. This has a backup battery that could run the system for four days. It also has a very powerful microprocessor that controls the system locally. So that gives you an overview of the Water Hero commercial size system. It’s just an extension of the really nice modular design we have with our residential size Water Hero.