Dan Sterling of Water Hero talks about automatic water shut off valves and leak detection in schools to protect from burst pipe damage, especially for facilities with gymnasium floors, and to save money from leaky fixtures, especially when school is not in session, such as on weekends, summers, and breaks.


Hi, I’m Dan Sterling, founder and CEO of Water Hero. Today we’re going to talk about leak detection and automatic water shutoff for schools. In particular, any facility that might have a gymnasium floor. We’re seeing a great surge of interest in leak detection by schools, daycare centers, facilities that have gymnasium floors in particular, because when there is a burst pipe, the damage can be at least $250,000 to repair a water-damaged gymnasium floor.

More and more schools are looking for state of the art leak detection devices and the key to it is really having the automatic water shut off. These are valves, this is a two inch valve, but we can provide whatever size you need. If you have a four inch pipe, we can give you a four inch automatic shutoff valve. These are very, very important to protect your facility from burst pipe damage. If there is a burst pipe incident, Water Hero all will automatically shut your water off, send you a text message, and mitigate the risk right at that point.

Another benefit, besides just a peace of mind knowing that you have protection for your facility, is knowing that you can save money on your water bill too.

Water damage from burst pipes is the number one claim for the U.S. insurance industry. More and more carriers are offering premium discounts for organizations that take a proactive choice and put a automatic water shutoff device at their facility.

The other benefit is you also get realtime water flow information so it can help you save money on your water bills. This is really important for any facility that has a lot of water devices. Think of a school, you have drinking fountains, you have public restrooms with sinks and toilets, and you have showers. How many times have you walked by the shower facilities at your local swimming pool or gymnasium and seen the water running? People aren’t paying the water bill, so they really don’t have that extra attention that you would if you’re the one paying the water bill. The water savings is another nice benefit of these automatic water shutoff devices and today’s advanced internet connected leak detection devices.