Dan Sterling of Water Hero talks about automatic water shut off valves and leak detection for nursing homes and childcare centers, which are two facilities that have a high rate of clogged toilets and sinks. These types of business also cause major disruptions when the facilities can’t be open due to water damage.


Hi, I’m Dan Sterling, founder and CEO of Water Hero. In this video we’re going to talk about automatic leak detection, automatic water shut off, specifically for nursing centers as well as for childcare facilities.

The US insurance industry, their number one claim is burst pipe damage. For the typical building, 30% of their claims are from burst pipe incidents. In nursing homes and childcare centers it’s 40%. The reason being is that you have either very young people or elderly people that are accidentally clogging water devices like toilets in particular or you have very young people, elderly people that are unintentionally leaving devices on. You could have a child brushing their teeth and they step away, forgot to turn the water off. The same thing can happen in a nursing home. More and more of these facilities are proactively installing leak detection devices with automatic water shut off to avoid these problems.

When it happens, it’s very expensive, it’s very disruptive. Sometimes you have to move out of the facility or you have to close down your childcare center. It can be very, very expensive. Insurance companies are very, very excited to see you proactively install these devices and a lot of times they’ll offer you premium discounts to incentivize you to do this.

The other important element, though, is that you also get real time water usage information. Typically, you’ll get a water bill every three months and a lot of these facilities get surprise water bills that are shocking, but totally avoidable, because with devices like Water Hero we can provide you real-time water usage information in minutes as opposed to months. When you see abnormal water usage, you can react to it in real time, offering significant savings.

To recap, for nursing homes, for childcare centers, it’s very important that you have a leak detection with automatic shutoff. Your insurance company is going to potentially give you premium discounts. It’s going to save you a lot of headaches from burst pipe incidents. Again, it’s going to be 40% of claims for facilities in your category. In addition, you can get some real great water savings, as well as just the peace of mind knowing that your facility is protected.