Dan Sterling of Water Hero talks about automatic water shut off valves and leak detection for golf courses and country clubs, to protect your clubhouse from leaks and save money from leaky fixtures including sinks, toilets and showers.


Hi, I’m Dan Sterling. Founder and CEO of Water Hero and in this video we’re going to talk about leak detection with automatic water shutoff for golf courses and country clubs.

In particular, there’s been a great interest among facilities managers in utilizing our smart technology with automatic water shutoff and leak detection for the clubhouse facilities.

A lot of the rational for this is that there are a lot of water devices in the clubhouse. There are kitchen facilities, there are public restrooms with toilets and sinks, there’s drinking fountains, as well as shower areas. And how many times have you walked by a shower area and seen someone has left the shower on? They’re not paying the water bill, they’re just not tuned into it, but the expense can add up for a golf course or country club facility.

Especially because, in a lot of cases, you’ll only get your water bill once a quarter, whereas with smart devices you can get real time water information, so you can react in minutes, not months, saving you a significant amount.

In addition to that, you get the peace of mind just knowing that your facility is protected when it’s not utilized, when it’s unoccupied in the off-season. Burst pipe damage can be devastating for these facilities, so with a smart device, a leak detection device with automatic water shutoff, you’re also protected from those scenarios.

And also, a lot of insurance companies want to give you a premium discount for facilities that proactively install this type technology, because it’s typically 30% of their claims; their number one controllable claim is damage from burst pipes.

So, it helps save you from a catastrophe that can be extremely disruptive, it helps save the insurance company from paying out on those claims, and it gives you great peace of mind.