Dan Sterling of Water Hero talks about automatic water shut off valves and leak detection for fitness centers and health clubs, to protect valuable equipment from water damage, and to save money from leaky fixtures including sinks, toilets and showers.


Hi, I’m Dan Stirling, founder and CEO of Water Hero and this video is going to talk about leak detection with automatic water shut off for health clubs and fitness centers. We’re seeing a great level of interest among these facilities, driven by the fact they use a lot of water. If you think of these facilities, they have public restrooms with sinks and toilets. They have drinking fountains and they also have shower facilities. How many times have you walked by the shower facility at your swimming pool or your health club and just seen a shower running nonstop? In areas in particular where water costs are very, very high this can add up to significant bills, surprise bills. And the problem is right now most facilities only receive water bill from their municipality once a quarter.

With the device, a smart leak detection device with automatic water shut off, you actually can get real time data on your water usage and you could have text messages sent when certain amounts of water are utilized in certain time periods. So it gives you great granularity and, as they say, information is power. So if you can get real time water usage alerts when you’re seeing abnormal usage at your facility, you can save a significant amount in your water bill.

But beyond that, the other benefit is that damage from burst pipes is the number one claim for the US insurance industry. They pay out over $10 billion a year. And the more water devices in your facility, the more likely you are to have that. So your insurance carrier may be offering a premium discount for you to proactively install this technology because it helps reduce nightmares for you when you have a burst pipe in your facility but it also helps them reduce their claims. So that’s another great benefit to consider when you go to utilize an automatic leak detection system.