You Know How Serious Water Damage Can Be…

Water Damage is too horrible to not do anything about.  Water Hero is here to help you drive adoption of leak detection amongst policyholders, lowering water claims, increasing engagement and saving money.

Water Hero Works Closely w/ Insurance Advisers

Water Hero works closely with independent insurance advisers to help clients significantly mitigate or possibly eliminate water damage from their homes. Our agent centered adoption program empowers you to lead the discussion on the benefits of leak detection and the options to reduce the risk of further water damage in the home. In our program, you’ll work with Water Hero to ensure your clients overcome the roadblocks to leak detection adoption like understanding how systems work, finding an installer, scheduling the installation. 

Water Hero has spent the last three years working hard to making the process of engaging with your clients seamless

Homeowner Is Introduced To US Based Water Hero Representative

Homeowner Completes 3-5 Min Survey About Their Home  [Branded with Agency]

Homeowner Purchases Water Hero System

Water Hero Maps Homeowner to Installer

Installer Coordinates Installation with Homeowner

Plus The Latest Technology In The Home Of Your Policyholders

Automatic Water Shut Off Valve & Water Monitoring System

Water Hero P-100

Water Hero is a leak detection system that comes with major components needed to plumb it into your home piping right where water enters your home.   Six components include unions, ball valve, electronics and more.

Automatic Water Shut Off Valve & Water Monitoring System

Web & Mobile Apps

Water Hero is controlled and adjusted by our web and iOS app.  There, you’ll see water usage history, valve position, home temp and more.  Water Hero is a completely user configurable leak detection system, so you’ll be able to change alerts, anywhere, anytime.

Water Hero P-100 Features 

User Configurable

All settings and thresholds are easily adjusted over the web so that you can easily protect your home

Text & E-mail Alerts

Alerts directly to your phone when you surpass the thresholds that you set, leading to a water leak

Smart Phone Controlled

Controlled over the web and with a smartphone to easily view alerts and make adjustments to your system

Easy Installation

Installation by plumber typically takes one hour or less; non-invasive units are installed generally in 15 mins or less

Access to Water Use Data

See real time and historical water data to easily diagnose leaks and save hundreds on your water bill

Battery Back Up

Use the battery and local processing to protect your home when it’s most vulnerable – during a power outage

Remote & Auto Shut Off

Remote and automatic water shut off protects your home from significant leak damage via our automatic water shutoff valve

Temp. Monitoring & Alerts

Protect from temperatures that could lead to a burst pipe with temperature text/email alerts

Our Work With Agents Is Second To None – Read For Yourself

Dan Sterling, and the team, at Water Hero have created an amazing tool to help homeowners monitor and conserve water. The P-100 Automatic Shut-off Valve also protects private homeowners and landlords against the costly expense of unwanted water damage. Water Damage makes up about 45% of all interior property damage, occurring more often than fire and burglary. I recently installed Water Hero in my home, a 4,000 sq. ft. custom-built private residence, located in Rye, NY, a suburb of New York City.

I cannot speak more highly about the product or experience I had work with the team at Water Hero. The team is extremely customer-centric and the product is extremely high quality. As a personal insurance adviser, I know all to well, the damage a pipe burst or hidden water leak can cause. Water damage claims are by far the most common cause of loss we see from clients. Water Hero allows the end user to monitor their own water use and set individualized set-points for notifications and, when appropriate, it will automatically shut off the internal water system of the home if excess flow is detected. The water meter and shutoff valve that make up the Water Hero P-100 unit are made of high-grade brass and stainless steel. The entire unit has a life span of 20 years. All fittings/parts are common, making the unit easy for any “run of the mill” plumbing professional to install. Our installation took less than an hour to complete and our plumber was easily able to cut and plum the unit into the main water line of the home. This will minimize the overall cost of the installation, which was approximately $200.

The cost of the Water Hero P-100 itself is significantly less than other automatic shut off valves on the market, starting at $649. Competitive systems, which also provide automatic shut-of water based on flow rate, can cost upwards of $4,000 installed. The Water Hero P-100 is a certainly a cost-effective solution for those looking to mitigate property damage from water. It is a small compact unit, with Wi-Fi connectivity and end user programming, that will allow the average consumer to monitor, conserve, and protect against the dangers water can cause to the modern home. It is a great addition to any traditional and/or smart home on the market.

Dan and his team have created a company that most certainly puts the customer first. Their willingness to work with the customer to ensure that Water Hero is the best solution for a particular home prior to installation, and their desire to create a global installation network of smart home experts and contractors makes Water Hero a great company. I felt as if they truly cared about me and my home. It was an absolute pleasure to work with them and I am proud to have chosen Water Hero to protect my home. I will definitely continue to recommend Water Hero to my clients looking to add water leak detection to their homes.

Timothy P. Furnary
Vice President & Sr. Client Executive
J.W. Allen Company, Inc – Insurance brokers

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