Water Monitoring System & Leak Detection, With Automatic Shutoff

Water Hero has developed a custom cutting-edge program for Southern Mutual Church Insurance Company policyholders, designed to provide your church with significant Water Damage Risk Mitigation. Water Hero’s leak detection with automatic and remote shutoff helps you sleep better, knowing those after hour burst pipes will be automatically shut down. No more arriving to a Sunday morning catastrophe from a burst pipe running all week.


As a steward of your place of worship, you fully understand the challenges of an aging building and the maintenance needs required to keep a facility protected. The toilet flapper that has been leaking in the fellowship hall for the last 6 months could be identified and corrected through the data provided by Water Hero. Water hero gives you the ability to monitor the temperature and your flow for each installed system through its interactive dashboard. Anyone on your staff can use the web-based interface to see both real-time water usage as well as a very informative bar graph with hour-by-hour usage over a 24-hour period. This could include the main line coming into your mechanical room, irrigation lines, fire suppression systems and even individual plumbing fixtures. Water Hero can cover the entire building and will help greatly reduce major damage and costly water bills from ongoing leaks or pipe breaks.


Water Hero’s state-of-the-art Ultrasonic Clamp-on flow meters are a powerful leak detection solution, perfect for critical noninvasive applications like Fire Suppression. When a leak is detected, users will receive a text and/or email alerts. It works by using highly sensitive ultrasonic transducers that are securely strapped on the outside of pipes from sizes ¾” to 12” that detect flow within copper, steel, stainless steel, and PVC pipes.


If your church has an irrigation system, well, or underground pipes to other buildings, massive underground leaks could go undetected for months. Typically, the first notice you get is an unusually costly water bill from your municipality! It’s not uncommon to leak thousands of gallons of costly water from an underground pipe break. Additionally, your church may obtain its water from a well, in which case a water leak could deplete your water supply or damage your pump from constant running. A Water Hero Leak Detection System with Automatic Shutoff can help detect underground leaks in minutes, not months!

Complete Pre & Post Construction Water Risk Mitigation Program


P-310 Monitors and Protects Domestic Main Water lines up to 8″ With Automatic Shutoff

Non-Invasive Ultrasonic Monitoring for Fire Suppression Systems 4”-20”

Water Main Lines, Fire Systems, Risers Stacks, Irrigation Systems

Complete Building Water Damage Protection

Closed-loop Hydronic System Protection

Storm Drain Protection

User Configurable



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Leak Detection That Protects From Water Damage & High Water Bills