Automatic Water Shut Off Valve & Water Monitoring System

Water Hero Leak Detection System with Automatic Water Shut Off 

Protection Against Costly & Damaging Water Leaks

Water Hero is the ultimate smart, business or home, water monitoring and automatic shut-off system.

Water Hero sends leak text & e-mail alerts, monitors temperature, offers water consumption data, and more


Detecting & Protecting Against Two Common Types of Leaks

Non-Damaging Leaks Drive Up Bills

10% of homes and business have non-damaging leaks like leaky toilets that increase their water bill $400 per year or more.  Other issues include hoses/faucets left on, breaks in your irrigation line and more can spike your water bill at $5K+ in one month, leaving you stuck with a huge bill

Water Hero detects these leaks in minutes not months!

Catastrophic Leaks Destroy Properties

Every year, 1 in 55 Homes has a catastrophic leak, many which cause $100K+ worth of damage.  When this happens, you can be stuck with thousands to pay and your home can be closed for months for mold remediation and renovations, leaving you out of a house.

Water Hero’s automatic shut off saves your home or building!

“I’m a Water Leak Victim. Five years ago, I came home to water leaking out my front door, $100K+ in damage, and my grandmother’s table completely rotted away. 

Soon after, I began building Water Hero to protect homes and businesses from these costly & damaging leaks. Years later, I’m proud of the protection that Water Hero is able to provide homeowners everyday”

Dan Sterling

Founder & CEO of Water Hero

Protecting Your Home with Water Hero…

Automatic Water Shut Off Valve & Water Monitoring System

The Water Hero

Water Hero comes in two flavors.  The P-100 Unit is plumbed into your home piping right where water enters your home and enables remote & automatic water shut-off.  The K-100 Unit is strapped onto your home water meter provide in depth monitoring and alerts.

Automatic Water Shut Off Valve & Water Monitoring System

The Mobile & Web App

Water Hero is controlled by our web and iOS app.  There, you’ll see your water usage history, valve state, home temperature and more.  Water Hero is completely user configurable over the internet, so you’ll be able to adjust your alert settings, anywhere, anytime.

Every Home or Building is Unique

At Water Hero, we recognize that every home, business and building is different and that our customers have different concerns related to their water.  Please take a minute to answer a few questions about your water concerns and we can recommend the best Water Hero System for you.

The Water Hero Program

A One-Time Fee + Installation + Guarantee

One Time Fee: A one time fee for the unit includes all monitoring and leak alerts. No need to worry about a bill that comes every month.

Installation: Water Hero is installed by securing it to a basement water meter or by cutting it into your main water supply.  Installation is in less than two hours.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee: We guarantee that you’re happy with your Water Hero.  Try it out, if you don’t love it, return it in 60 days for your money back

A Lifetime of Whole Building Protection

Water Hero Hardware: Water Hero Meter, Valve and Electronics maintained and updated by Water Hero to keep your home protected

Water Hero Software: Access to personalized Water Hero Web and Mobile App to toggle/adjust settings, receive alerts, monitor consumption and more

Water Hero Text & E-mail Alerts: Unlimited Water Hero text & e-mail alerts to ensure that your home is protected and put you in control of leak protection

Call Water Hero at (877) 662-4496 to learn more

Try it, the peace of mind is well worth the small investment

“Four houses in my neighborhood flooded this past year because of cracks in toilet supply lines.  One homeowner was out of his home for 3 months while repairs totaling over $200K were completed.

I started thinking of all the lines that could break and cause similar damage.  I researched all available options and finally decided to try Water Hero because it provided the Most Flexibility, Most Information and the Most Protection.

The unit was easy to install and each time I called or emailed I got a prompt response and always got my questions answered.  The customer service was impressive.

I don’t recommend many products but have recommended Water Hero to a number of people already. Try it, the peace of mind is well worth the small investment.”

– Larry S, Arizona

Unlocking Homeowners Insurance Premium Discounts With Water Hero

Many of our customers receive $250+ off their homeowners insurance each year.  Ask us how?

Call or e-mail at 877-662-4496 or

Water Hero Features That Protect

User Configurable

All settings and thresholds are easily adjustable over the web enabling you to simply stay protected

Text & E-mail Leak Alerts

Alerts directly to your phone when you surpass thresholds indicate a potential water leak

Smartphone Controlled

Controlled over the web and with a smartphone to easily view alerts and make adjustments to your system

Easy Installation

Installation by plumber typically takes one hour or less; non-invasive units are installed generally in 15 mins or less

Access to Water Use Data

See real time and historical water data to easily diagnose leaks and save hundreds on your water bill

Battery Back-Up 

Use the battery and local processing to protect your home when it’s most vulnerable – during a power outage

Remote & Auto Water Shut Off

Remote and automatic water shut off protects your home from significant leak damage

Temp. Monitoring & Alerts

Protect from temperatures that could lead to a burst pipe with temperature text/e-mail alerts


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We want to keep a base of satisfied Water Hero customers which is why we back Water Hero with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee  


Give Water Hero A Try,

If You Don’t Love it Return It!

We’re confident that you’ll love your Water Hero because of the feedback we’ve received from hundreds of customers. 

If though, for any reason, you don’t love your Water Hero, send it back within 60 days of purchase and we’ll provide a full refund including all shipping costs.  Give it a try – there is no risk and we’re confident that you’ll love it.

Shop Water Hero

As you’re reading and learning more, please reach out to or (877) 662-4496.

We look forward to hearing from you!


Automatic Water Shut Off Valve & Water Monitoring System

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